Jesuit Supports Murdering Babies – Bishop Plays Scandal Down

Jesuit Father Mario Serrano demonstrated on July 15 in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) at a leftwing march to legalise abortion.

Serrano called the killing of children on Twitter (July 13, 15) a “just cause” stating that during the march he felt “close to the Jesus who loves, accompanies and does not condemn people in extreme situations” [including pedophiles, rassists and terrorists?].

Auxiliary bishop Jesús Castro Marte of Santo Domingo called Serrano’s statement a “private position”.

Talking to Diario Libre (July 15), the bishop only asked Serrano to “reflect on what he has said”.

Picture: Mario Serrano, #newsVcsrhcmren

The apostate Jesuit Mario Serrano Marte also promotes sodomy.
There are no depths to which the modern Jesuits will not sink
angry bob
So I was an alcoholic, I have been sober for years. So I would not be condemed by our Lord because I couldn't help myself? So I could have continued in my sin without consequence? Wow, I'm a fool!!!! Anyone wanna go have a beer? How these simple minded clerics are still priests is mind boggling. They are giving people peace of mind in their sin. Disgusting.
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