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Archdiocese Teaches “Faithfulness” to Mortal Sin

The archdiocese of Turin, Italy, will give “lessons of faithfulness” to gay couples during a so-called retreat during Lent, writes La Stampa (February 3).

The retreat will take place on February 24/25 in a monastery of the Daughters of Wisdom. Father Gianluca Carrega, the responsible for a “pastoral care of homosexuals”, did not deny that double-rooms will be offered for those homosexuals who want to practice unnatural fornication in the monastery.

Carrega says about the “retreat”, “We want to tell homosexuals that they also deserve faithfulness.” According to the Gospel, Carrega’s “faithfulness” is faithfulness to mortal sin. Carrega teaches New Testament at the Theological Faculty in Turin.

The retreat will be held by Jesuit Father Pino Piva. He will speak about “the value of faithfulness and love in the light of the biblical message.” The Church has never seen a link between sodomy and love.

Carrega recounts that in 2017 he received from his friends three invitations to gay pseudo-marriages but only one invitation to a normal marriage. In May 2016 Italy introduced gay pseudo-marriage. According to Carrega “this law brought many fruits.”

Picture: Duomo di Torino, #newsBjjgpkhwyw
evil in the minds of these bishops mentioned this post in Bishops’ Gay Newspaper Angry.
You know, I'm REALLY beginning to count the days until this is solved by the "3 days of darkness." Somehow it doesn't seem such a catastrophe after reading stuff like this......

Identifying themselves with Christ & Roman Catholicism is more than insanity it's a deliberate supplanting of Christ's Will with a Luciferian Agenda.

Clearly, their place is NOT with Christ - since all they do is make … More
Daughters of Wisdom???
I red the article in the La stampa. I understand that the situation is grave but no need to make it worse. In the article sais no double-room and no fornication. It sais about separate cells. Why do you distort the news?...