Amazon Synod Document Is "Apostasy," "Heretical" - Cardinal Brandmüller

The Amazon Synod aims primarily at abolishing celibacy and at introducing a female "priesthood," starting with "deaconesses," Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 90, writes on (June 27).

According to Brandmüller the working document implies the Church's self-destruction or her transformation into a secular NGO with an ecological-social-psychological mandate.

Brandmüller criticizes the document’s positive assessment of pagan religions including a proposed dialogue with spirits [demons].

He notices an attack on the Church's hierarchical-sacramental structure as the document aims at reconsidering the link between Holy Orders and the power of government (jurisdiction).

The cardinal observes that the document starts from a immanentist understanding of religion and considers religion as a result and expression of man's own spiritual experience.

Brandmüller qualifies the document as "apostasy", because it questions and misunderstands Divine Revelation, and as "heretical", because it contradicts the Church's teaching in crucial matters.

Picture: Walter Brandmüller, #newsBqggcsvuzl
marie de bois jusan shares this.
i do agree with tis déclaration of cardinal brandmuller ; i am french; the church of france is in a sort of spiritual coma swallowing any héresy coming from the pope they reject the true catholic faith even the charismatic community such as emmanuel ITS VERY UPSETTING AND SAD I TRY MY BEST BUT NOBODY LISTEN TO ME BUT MY OWN FAMILY WHO PRAY THE ROSARY
The Amazonian synod's document according to Brandmüller: "The result is a natural religion in Christian masquerade."
Everything may be explained with the hermeneutics of continuity. The Instrumentum Laboris must be interpreted in the light of documents of Vatican II and other living tradition as well as the spirit of Assisi.
Finally a bishop who says the words 'apostasy' and 'heretical'. Now if he can only call the Francis and the other imposters that.
Brandmüller: “The Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod constitutes an attack on the foundations of the Faith, and in a way that has not heretofore been thought possible. Thus it must be rejected with all decisiveness.”
God bless Cardinal Brandmüller. The rest of the world's 5000 bishops?? All heretics?? likes this.