Revolution and Tradition: Help for the Weary

Revolution and Tradition Radicati nella fede – November 2013 What to do when everything seems to be immersed in tremendous confusion? What to do when nothing seems to exist with certainty?_____________________________________________________________________ Man is made to live in the presence of God, and in God to find his own substance and peace. At one time the Catholic Church communicated this peace. It was the world, far from God, that was in continuous agitation, but the Church - no. The Church was stability It was the godless world which was immersed in a continuous Revolution loved by unstable and desperate souls, who, discontent with life, sought anxiously after impossible novelties which could fill their interior emptiness. But the Church – no: always the same, composed and pacific in the stability of God, She advanced through the sea of history and was a safe vessel for the souls who did not love the Revolution, recognizing it as false and deceptive_____________________________________________FURTHER DOWN THE ARTICLE__________________________________________________________________Addressing the crisis that broke out in the Anglican Church in the mid 18oos, he writes: “…of the faithful, some did not know what to think anymore, others sided with the innovators, many looked beyond the lines of the Established Church towards the Roman Catholics, where the serenity of the Faith and immutable doctrine was reflected in the possession of the truth full of certainty and peace.____________________________________________________________________“The serenity of the Faith and immutable doctrine was reflected in the possession of the truth full of certainty and peace.”___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How sweet these words are! They are the very sweetness of God and give serenity to every heart that seeks it in His Church.___________________________________________________________________________________________________ But now all has changed… dreadful days have come upon us which the appeasing rhetoric of modernized Christians cannot hide: the Revolution of the atheist world has entered the Church and is wearing everything down. There is no longer any stability and the Church appears to have entered into a perennial Revolution which changes everything continuously: confusion in the rites, confusion in doctrine, confusion in morals, confusion in discipline. You do not know if the truth of today will be the same tomorrow. Many, priests and faithful, rush around anxiously in order not to be left behind, adapting themselves in whatever way they can, to this wearisome confusion.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The one who is truly seeking God in this revolutionary Church, is left frightfully alone._____________________________________________________________________________ What to do in this suffocating atmosphere? And what not to do?>>First of all}____________________________________________________________________________ Entire instructive article here at:…/revolution-and-…