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Anglican Church Envoy to Vatican Does not Believe in Resurrection

Last week, John Shepherd was appointed as the interim director of the Anglican Centre in Rome. He will act as the de facto ambassador for Justin Welby’s Church of England, and other Anglican churches.

When he was Dean of Perth Cathedral, Australia, Shepherd claimed in his 2008 Easter sermon (video below),

“It’s important for Christians to be set free from the idea that the resurrection was an extraordinary physical event, which restored to life Jesus’s original earthly body. The resurrection of Jesus ought not to be seen in physical terms, but as a new spiritual reality.”

Shepherd succeeds Bernard Ntahoturi, who stood down following accusations of sexual misconduct.

Picture: John Shepherd, #newsUzjclscgjl

Hasn't he heard......

"In 1984, David Jenkins, Anglican Bishop of Durham, described Christ’s Resurrection as “a conjuring trick with bones” Jenkins also said, “The Christian is not bound up with freak biology or corpses getting up and walking around” and “You don’t have to believe in the virgin birth.”

On July 9, 1984, three days after Jenkins was consecrated bishop, lightning struck his Cathed… More
Anglicans have no bishops. They are not in the apostle succession.
The Bergoglian ecclesial community is a clone of the Episcopalian/Anglican ecclesial communities -- liberal, LGBT, socialist, feminist, moonbat crazy.
.. hogwash ... this is so out of context and enough to confuse even the high priests ... what about the Eucharist that says the consecrated host is the BODY, SOUL and DIVINITY of our Lord ... whoever he is in the protestant world, he is planting the seed of skepticism, doubt and ignorance and enveloping it in a beautiful box wrap up in appealing and bewitch words ..
are we being led astray and … More
Heretical Statement. No Wisdom in it, just a false sense of intelligence.
This apostate needs to stop even playing dress 'm up.