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New Technical Features of and a Kind Call for a Donation is growing at an accelerated pace. The success of is mostly due to our engaged Catholic community which is building together an international Church social media.

Many work for is done behind the scenes. Last week we’ve replaced our language detector. needs to know automatically, what language an uploaded media belongs to. Our newly invented system should in future sort the media with few faults.

Another example is our fight against malicious spamming uploaded by hand. We are able to filter and delete more than 95 percent of spam-uploads automatically. With the help of two outside services we have created our own filter.

Running a constantly growing website like is more complex than we have anticipated. It is incredibly challenging to sustain our growing mission. May we ask you to support the growth of our common baby with $50, $100, or whatever you can afford. You make our work possible.

Therefore, we kindly ask you in Mary and her child to help us

Please GLORIA.TV to indicate the IP address of your computer on user comments. Or to group registrations from one IP address. If we want to honor the truth, look for ways to it. The result will be greater purity of this discussion space.
On n'arrête pas le progrès,
Car il faut soit avancer
Ou bien il faut reculer !
Rester sur place n'est
Pas possible en ce monde,
Et cette loi se fonde
Sur notre mobilité
Car tout ne fait que changer.