Zero Mercy: Jesuit General Expels 95-Year-Old Jesuit

The Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Arturo Sosa, a defender of Pope Francis’ mercy ideology, expelled the Chilean Jesuit Father Leonel Ibacache Ortiz from the order and the priesthood.

Ibacache is accused of having touched a dressed boy, over 35 years ago in a Jesuit High-School in Chile.

He is 95 years old. It's unclear whether he understood the charges brought against him.

Ibacache’s propensity toward boys was not unknown at the time. But such behaviour was condemned only by orthodox Catholics, while the reigning liberal ideology considered touching boys, as part of the “sexual liberation.”

Picture: Arturo Sosa, #newsPctejpwuhg
Je pense que si Soza avait la possibilité légale d'euthanasier Ibacache, il le ferait immédiatement et avec la bénédiction exprès de l'Antéchrist !
Dr Bobus
Like McCarrick he is an old, lame, tethered goat.
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