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Francis: “I’m A Revolutionary”

Pope Francis recently made a phone-call to the anti-Catholic journalist Eugenio Scalfari and introduced himself with the words, “This is a revolutionary speaking”.

For many decades Scalfari exercised an evil, almost satanic, influence on the Italian society.

Writing in La Repubblica (November 26) Scalfari added that Francis said it jokingly. But Scalfari underlined that Francis is indeed a revolutionary.

Picture: ©, CC BY-SA, #newsPvybtlyaul

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Dr Bobus
He should have said: I'm a 1970s Revolutionary. His ideas are as relevant today as Disco Music.
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Che Francis! Your comrades are proud of you.
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Scalfari is a doddery senile nonagenarian (I'm not being ageist but a realist) who's memory is as reliable as Pope Francis's. Who cares what he says. And the Pope is fast making a Banana republic out of the Vatican State, which is all he knows to do, being from Latin America, and FRANKLY who cares about what he says also? Let's pray this nightmare will end soon.
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