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Italian Bishops Launch Kamikaze Attack on Catholic Liturgy

The Italian bishops decided at their autumn meeting to falsify the Italian translation of the Our Father.

Now, the Italians are supposed to use the phantasy phrase "do not abandon us to temptation" instead of the Biblical version "and lead us not into temptation".

The bishops also decreed to exchange the line of the Glory "and on earth, peace to people of good will" with the sentimental phantasy version "peace to people loved by the Lord".

On the other side, they are still refusing to obey Benedict XVI who ordered them to correct a mistake in the Italian translation of the words of consecration.

By sabotaging the liturgy, the bishops also wreck their own authority among the faithful.

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It is pope Francis who drives this. Look why: Whole latin america will pray the lord's prayer: No nos dejes caer en la tentación. This means don't let me fall into temptation. Latam is 49% of all Catholics + Spain Catholics is a world majority. So the rest of "us" will have to adapt. Even so Jesus said something else.
What rests is a good interpretation of the document "SENSUS FIDEI

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Our Lady of Fatima and St. Pius X were correct: Russia and Modernism will, indeed, spread their errors around the world. What is Modernism? It is the spirit of novelty, pride and ignorance that ripens into heresy. We are awash in this evil. Turn to Our Lady....only She can help us crush heresy!
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De Profundis
The Greek of the New Testament is clear enough: the verb is “eisenenkeis”, which means “lead in”, “carry in”or “introduce” not “abandon”. This is a lousy translation driven by ideologues.
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The Bible is just so inconvenient! Matthew 26:28 28 for this is my blood of thecovenant, which is poured out for MANY for the forgiveness of sins.
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