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Just would like to know which is true. Here it is posted that Senator Susan Collins supported the bill but in, Collins opposed the bill.

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Gospel according to Saint Luke

I can only assume that none of Republicans listed as opposed hope to be a VP pick in upcoming election.

Thanks GloriaTV for this.. we must pray hard.

This is actually a list of heretics, people doomed to burn in Hell for all eternity without a moment of rest; every second will be the most intense suffering for the people on this list. Not a smart "choice" they made!

Comments from Free Republic:
The bishops have got to develop a spine and simply make these people pay for what was essentially a vote against the Church.
I know this affects all religious people, but in this particular case, because the Catholic Church as an institution does not accept these policies and these people are theoretically Catholic, for them this was a vote against the Church.
Why are the bishops sitting so quietly and letting their authority be usurped? Obama has already said that …