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Priest Warns, US Church Is “About to Collapse”

Fr Matt Fish, parish priest at Holy Family Catholic Church in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, wrote on twitter about the “collapse” of the Catholic Church in America / the West.

His Twitter thread reads:

“Said it before, and I’ll say it again: working for the Catholic Church in America in 2019 feels something like working for Blockbuster Movies in 2005. We’re still arguing about how we should display the DVDs, and meanwhile our current model and customer base is about to collapse.

Simply put: every diocese is full of parishes that have much smaller, now mostly older, congregations, in aging buildings with less money, and in a few short years we will hit the bell curve with both people and money. And we’re barely talking about it.

Our schools are closing, and those that remain are becoming “private” schools for those who can afford them, as we struggle to understand what “Catholic Identity” means for a student body, most of whom do not attend Sunday Mass.

“The average knowledge of the faith in most Catholic communities is at a low point, though it will probably get worse. Meanwhile, the practice of the Sacrament of Reconciliation has virtually disappeared, as have other traditions that had culturally marked Catholics in the past.

“No need to expand the laundry list. And the parishes and communities that are doing well are precisely exceptions that prove the rule. The point is, rather, how are we (especially Church authorities and leaders) not talking about this, addressing it, figuring out a plan?

“As bad as 2018 was for the Church, with respect to all the tragic revelations about covering up child abuse, this problem is far more serious, for it concerns the very disappearance of Catholicism as a community, or at least a massive change unlike anything in her history before.

“If you believe I’m exaggerating, just ask your diocese for the data from the last 40 years on weekend head-counts, offertory, and sacramental numbers. The change will shock you. And the numbers are about to hit an even steeper curve.

“All this is to say, we may disagree with the methods of Rebuilt and Nativity parish in Baltimore, but the reason for their novelty is an appreciation of this stupendous change and problem in the Catholic Church today.

“The diagnosis and treatment of this malady is so much greater than anything I could write here on Twitter. Every tweet and comment of diagnosis or treatment seems so inadequate before the reality. But if I were to try to put it simply, in my opinion it would be this:

“What we have here is the dying, if not decomposition already, of a large, once impressive, Catholic culture. What is needed is the birth and growth of a new Catholic culture. How the two relate I do not know, but can only guess.

“(Need I say, this is so much bigger than conservative/liberal, orthodox/dissenting, Extraordinary Form/Ordinary Form, whatever?)”
Satan knew that if he could destroy the mass and replace it with the ,Novus Ordo, he could collapse the Church. He will come close to destroying it but the victory is Our Lady's.
More fruits of Vatican 2 and the New Order of Mass.
Here we go again! Pretending nothing happened in the last 50 years that would have precipitated these changes and then claiming the solution is not the solution because the problems are too big now. How obtuse is that!
You refused to teach Truth.
You promoted protestantism in the fabricated and falsified liturgy of the Mass. The facts of the matter need constant repeating:
A false and fabricated … More
Excellent! God's Truth is absolute and unchanging. The Priest is to perform the "Divine Sacrifice" facing God not to preside over a community meal. "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."
"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."
Fr Matt Fish recognises the problem but not the solution. The last paragraph indicated this. The simple fact is that where the traditional Latin Mass and traditional Catholic teaching and practice are observed, the Faith and Mass attendance are not in freefall.