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Bishop Ordered Disposal Of Possible Eucharistic Miracle Without Investigation

When a consecrated host fell on the floor in St Vincent de Paul, Buffalo, USA, a deacon put it in an ablution cup in the tabernacle.

On November 30, in the ablution cup a red substance was detected that could have been blood. Photos were taken (picture).

The parish-priest, Father Karl Loeb, informed his liberal bishop, Monsignor Richard Malone of Buffalo, and Auxiliary Bishop Edward Grosz.

According to EWTN (December 6), Grosz did not even look at the pictures. Instead both bishops claimed that the host "had dissolved". Malone ordered its disposal and Father Loeb complied.

Now the faithful are outraged that Malone didn't bother to investigate the case.


The Bishop was wrong in not doing an investigation ,and iam sorry for that ,but Jesus will be with us until the end of times
How was it clear to anyone that the presence of of Lord had left the host as the normal dissolution of the host did not occur? Is it not true therefore that when they "disposed" of the host what this actually means is that they possibly committed the worst possible act of desecration. Of course if it was mold, it would not be sacrilegious. The fact that they were willing to take the chance is a … More