Deacon Suspended As Journalist By EWTN

English Deacon Nick Donnelly was suspended at the Catholic media network EWTN, he reports on Twitter (July 17).

The culprits of the decision are EWTN’s Doug Keck and Michael Warsaw.

Donnelly is an outspoken but deeply honest critic of Pope Francis. He defended Francis in the beginning, but later was forced by the facts to change his position.

The pretext for the suspension was an article published in 2017 which EWTN deleted and re-published.

It is basically a paraphrase of an article in the London Times claiming that a group of cardinals wanted Francis to resign because they feared that his policies would cause a schism “more disastrous” than the Reformation.


Pope Francis himself predicted he may be considered the pope who provoked schism. Did anybody delete his comments?
Nick Donnelly

At the time I was suspended as a EWTN journalist by Doug Keck & Michael Warsaw and forced to resign I was annoyed.
I was suspended for my coverage of Bergoglio
Now I see what a shill much of EWTN has become I'm so grateful not to be associated with them…/vortex-more-cov…
Remember Bergoglio taps the activist Gay James Martin and EWTN chief (Michael Warsaw) as communications consultants
Tony M
If only Mother Angelica was still with us. She would take no heresy from anyone...including the one who preaches mercy without repentance. Of coarse Bergoglio's brand of mercy denies people of receiving God's Mercy, which brings people to deep and profound peace with Him
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