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Francis Follower Implies That Church Has Become a Sect

“Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants because he is ‘free from disordered attachments’”, Father Thomas Rosica, an adviser and English-language spokesman for the Vatican has claimed in a commentary on (July 31).

Rosica states that the "Church" has entered "a new phase" with Francis.

According to him the [Francis] Church is “now openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture”.

The same could be said for the sects which depend on the whims and caprices of their founder while the Catholic Church is based on the teaching of Christ transmitted by the apostles and the tradition of the Church.

Picture: Thomas Rosica, © Chris Adamczyk, CC BY-SA, #newsIkrzjboibe
We have no king but Francis mentioned this post in New Code Of Canon Law Inadequate to Handle Sexual Abuses.
When the Vatican's own English media attaché angrily dismisses critics of his plainly papolatrous remarks as "condemning, maligning & distorting" folks, and meanly adds that they need to "go to confession", well, kinda tells us all we need to know.
De Profundis
Fr. Rosica answered (and has some nerve) (Sidenote: It would be easy to mock this, but it really is good advice.)
Dr Bobus
His relationship with Maradiaga, financial crimes, homosexual nest in seminary, and all propose lying, is a disordered attachment.
"The old is better" - Jesus Christ
Traditional Catholics are saying that the Pope is imposing an entirely different religion on the Church. (Or making one particular side the official winner in the 50-year long civil war.) Now his main supporters are openly agreeing with us.
De Profundis
"You must break the traditions whenever you want my Lord, because you are free from all disordered attachments. Your kingdom is entering a new phase in which you rule as an individual rather than by any greater authority. You represent a new intellectualism, and yet humble too!"
Fr. Rosica: "Church... is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture." First rule of "Apostasy Club" is don't talk about "Apostasy Club"
It's not some Francis critic saying it. It's a Francis partisan celebrating it.
Sorry, Zenit: But we know what Father Rosica wrote and you published.
Sólo Díos basta
How is this not a heresy? How does this not turn Catholicism into Mormonism?
People like Ross Douthat (New York Times) were denounced for saying milder things than this about Francis.
De Profundis
Zenit deleted the important lines. They seem to not understand that screenshots are already making the rounds. Poor guys. Learn how to internet.
Since those "disordered attachments" Francis claims to be "Free from" uphold the Roman Catholic Church. His honour is in question. He claims to be Pope, ie Upholder of the Sacred Deposit of Faith, yet he serves not Christ, his obediance to Gods Will is none-existant.

One day - as shown throughout Scripture, God's will punish the sinners - and the false-ideologues testing of how altered Christ's … More
Bergoglian faggotry is a 'disordered attachment.' Cult of personality and he's happy about it.
Let's sink Fr Rosicas words in: "Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants ... Our Church has indeed entered a new phase ... it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture."
Dr Bobus
He's also free from ordered attachments, such as the attachment to Truth.
You, a trad: The Pope is a dictator.
Me, a regular Catholic: He’s not, stop viewing him through an unsympathetic lens.
Fr Rosica, a friend of the Pope: He’s totally a dictator & that’s the best!
Being ruled by the whims of Francis is better than being ruled by a Pope basing himself on the authority of scripture and tradition? Forget "Francalatry."
Let's be happy with this coming out. Bergoglism exists.