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John Paul II, “Nobody Can Change Humanae Vitae"

Professor Stanisław Grygiel, 83, a Polish moral philosopher and close friend of John Paul II, recalled during a book presentation in Rome (March 7) a meeting with the late pope. A priest was also present who claimed that it was "too difficult" to live without condoms and contraception.

John Paul II replied, that neither he nor Paul VI had invented the doctrine contained in Humanae Vitae, “I cannot change it. No one can change it, no one. Not even the Church.”

Grygiel was brought to Rome by John Paul II. He taught at the Roman Institute for Marriage and Family that was killed by Pope Francis in September 2017.

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, Aleteia, CC BY-SA, #newsKzszprnigk
Haha, coming from Wojtyla, the man who did his best to destroy the Catholic Church during his disgusting parody of a pontificate, this is laughable. If you can change Mortalium Animos, Quanta Cura, the Syllabus, Humani Generis, Immortale Dei, and countless other papal documents, like Wojtyla did, why would HV be an exception ? Hypocrite.
There is *nothing* that makes 2018 more morally complex than the 1960s on this question.
What percentage of Catholics follow Humanae Vitae? 4% or so? More fruits of Vatican II which was the work of Paul VI, who gave us HV.
What brutal times we live in, that some of our own church leaders would consider Humanae Vitae's 50th Anniversary as the opportune time to seek to...smash it to bits, in the name of "accompaniment" I suppose.
1986 demonic Assisi assembly, led by Karol Wojtiwa, a fervent member of the vatikan II false church.

Jesus proklaimed, man lives upon every Word of Almighty God.