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The Future Of The Church Is The Traditional Latin Mass

The Old Latin Mass attracts young people because it challenges them, said Bertalan Kiss, the Hungarian president of the youth movement Foederatio Internationalis Juventutem who presently is in Rome as a delegate at the pre-synodal meeting gathering.

Talking to (March 21), Kiss explains that young people prefer the Old Rite because it is about using all of the Church’s treasures and patrimony to save souls.

Kiss praised Pope Francis for having mentioned the word “roots” during a pre-synodal meeting. According to Kiss this means that Francis is putting an “emphasis on Tradition”. He believes that he can change the perspective of bishops and cardinal by personal encounters and by “depoliticizing” the issue of the liturgy. However, people may have tried this venue before him.

Picture: © Matthew Doyle, CC BY-ND, #newsZpsyukustu
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