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German Bishops Are “Example Of All Current Deformations” – SSPX Superior

The Church’s heterodox wing - like the German bishops - considers the Second Vatican Council outdated, Father Davide Pagliarani, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X told (December 29).

Now, the Catholic wing is forced to see that the Church has become increasingly sterile since the Council.

For Pagliarani the canonisation of Paul VI (+1978) is an attempt to promote the last Council (1962-1965), “Every time a regime is in crisis and becomes aware of it, it tries to rediscover the country's Constitution".

Pagliarani observes a “class struggle” between the bishops’ conferences and the Vatican which produces a "pre-schismatic spirit" in certain bishops' conferences like the one in Germany “which offers the example of all the current deformations”.

The German bishops and their money have a huge influence on Pope France.

Picture: Davide Pagliarani, ©, #newsOnemassryg
Vatican II caused more damage then Martin Luther would ever dream of. Ever notice that attacks are worse from within. The liturgy was dismantled. Yea that's progress!
Germany began NO world war
After starting 2 world wars and reformation what else comes from Germany ? SECULARISM ?
Don't forget Luther and the "reformation."
Germany has given the world so much---'corruption'