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Hate Group Tries To Sabotage Francis' Visit in Ireland

The Facebook group 'Say Nope To The Pope' has allegedly booked thousands of tickets for the upcoming visit of Pope Francis in Ireland from 25 to 26 August with the intent not to use them, (June 26) has reported. The tickets are free of charge and became available online.

The group takes the Church’s handling of clerical homosexual abuse as a pretext to do so, although it was not different from the generally accepted behaviour in such cases at the times.

'Say Nope To The Pope' is made up of radical Church haters whom Francis throughout his pontificate has tried to please.

A certain Richard Duffy, 31, told RTE Radio that he allegedly has registered to receive nearly 700 tickets for Francis’s Mass in Dublin by booking bogus coachloads of 82 at a time.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTjkeofkket
@petrus100452 Think whatever you like, MDM the so call heretic a year before Francis rise foretold it as a "dictator of lies" and he is a dictator of lies
MDM is not a farud but a fraud!
Ivan Tomas
Without knowing and much less willing this Hate Group is actually helping the Faith Group!