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World Meeting of Families Defends Talk By Gay Propagandist

The organisers of the Dublin World Meeting of Families have rejected a call to cancel a speaking invitation to the pro-gay Jesuit James Martin, reports (August 10).

Martin explicitly wrote in the Jesuit America Magazine that his invitation should be seen by homosexuals as “an unmistakable sign of welcome from the Church”.

The demand to withdraw the invitation was made by the organisation for Tradition, Family and Property and attracted over 10,250 signatures.

Picture: James Martin, © Shawn, Flickr, CC BY-NC, #newsAzfkhhgkdn
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Joseph a' Christian
Homosexuals rape our young Catholic men, causing agonizing stress within numerous families. Then the deceitful, talmud jew media covers up for them by calling the predators- pedophiles, and now they are honored with an invitation to speak at a meeting concerning families. Horribly absurd.
What a man can believe depends upon his philosophy, not upon the clock or the century.