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Bishop: Term „Homophobia“ Is Self-Insult Of Homosexuals

The term "homophobia" is a "self-insult" of homosexuals, the retired Austrian Bishop Andreas Laun stated during the Vienna March for the Family (June 16).

Laun explained that all words ending in "-phobia" are always preceded by a term that for some justified reasons produces fear in human beings like "arachnophobia" (fear of spiders) or "claustrophobia" (fear of closed spaces).

Laun is one of the few bishops worldwide who is not afraid to speak out against gay ideology or abortion.


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@DrBobus can a retired wolve in sheep clothing forget how to be a wolf? Just saying....
Dr Bobus
The key word is retired.
De Profundis
If your sex life is none of my business then stop demanding that I celebrated it.
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