September 15th Saint Nicomedes: Early Church Martyr

“Martyr. A Roman priest who was beaten to death with whips after refusing to sacrifice to the gods, and he was buried in the catacomb on the Via Nomentana. One tradition states that he buried the remains of St. Felicula and was arrested: Since 1969, his cult has been confined to local calendars.” Catholic Online

“HE was a holy priest at Rome, who was apprehended in the persecution of Domitian for his assiduity in assisting the martyrs in their conflicts, and for interring their bodies. Refusing constantly to sacrifice to idols, he was beaten to death with clubs about the year 90. His tomb was on the road to Nomento, and he is commemorated on this day in the sacramentary of St. Gregory the Great, and in the Martyrologies of St. Jerome, Bede, &c. See the Acts of SS. Nereus and Achilleus.” Father Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints

We have many inside the Church today, who press us to follow those whom we shouldn’t, like those members of the heretical Gay Mafia which is a global cabal inside Holy Mother Church and even reaches up to Jorge Bergoglio.
Then there are clergy and laity who defend the heretical statements and actions of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis.

I will not defend these groups of heretics or heretic defenders, I will defend the Apostolic Faith handed from Our Blessed Lord to the Holy Apostles, defended by the Saintly Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church and other holy Saints who taught no error!

This Saint today gives us witness, that he was willing to die for the Faith, than to worship some demon false god! Let us follow him and do the same, if God calls us to give the ultimate witness!

Support Veri Catholici on the Calling of the Second Synod Sutri!

I as the 44th Great Grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III; who called the First Synod of Sutri to defend the Holy Faith; I Support The Call For Second Synod Sutri

Also I urge you all to Join Ordo Militaris Catholicus to help us setup an office in
Rome to defend the Church in Italy!


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