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One man speaking up because... Pope Francis

Written by Eric Sammons

An old friend recently wrote to take me to task for my criticism of Pope Francis. She said she was “in shock and almost traumatized” by my writings. She didn’t believe anyone could draw closer to Christ by reading such criticisms.

I can understand her feelings - no Catholic should *like* criticizing a pope. It should always be done with a heavy heart. And there is a danger of bitterness that turns people away from the Faith.

But here’s what I wrote back to her:

I was the Director of Evangelization for a diocese for five years, spanning the end of Pope Benedict’s pontificate and the beginning of Pope Francis’s. I witnessed firsthand the impact that Pope Francis is having on average Catholics, and it is not good.

• I saw Catholic mothers encourage their sons’ homosexuality...“because Pope Francis.”

• I saw Catholics engaged in adultery receive Holy Communion...“because Pope Francis.”

• I saw Catholics assert that it was wrong to evangelize...“because Pope Francis.”

• I saw Catholics denigrate big families...“because Pope Francis.”

These are only some examples. In short, I saw that Pope Francis was doing grave harm to souls by his words and actions (and inactions). At first, I kept quiet, because who am I to question the pope? But as time went on, I couldn’t keep silent anymore. I knew lax morality and conformity to the world wasn’t the narrow path to salvation. I knew souls were being lost in the confusion. In meditating on the Gospels, I saw Jesus was harshest in his condemnations toward religious leaders who lead people astray. I realized that by keeping silent, I was enabling the harm being done to souls.

So I decided to speak up.

Since then, I’ve heard from many Catholics who have also been uneasy with Pope Francis and were glad to hear someone else express it publicly. They knew in their hearts that much of what he says and does is contrary to authentic Catholicism, but didn’t understand how that could be possible for a pope. Of course, I’ve studied Church history extensively and I know many popes in the past have fallen short of their calling, and I thank God for saints like St. Paul and St. Catherine who weren’t afraid to speak up in those situations. The Catholics who contacted me drew closer to Christ because they were encouraged to cling to Catholic teaching as found in Scripture and Tradition instead of following the latest odd statements by the Holy Father.

Our Lord said he is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. One cannot grow closer to him by ignoring the Truth or letting falsehood abound. We are in a difficult time in the Church’s history - a battle is going on for souls. I choose to enter that battle and do all I can to bring souls to Christ.

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Sunamis 46
Critize is the word that is used,
for discriminate people that tell the truth
Sunamis 46
Do never make your believe or faith depenting on f1,
Francis 1 what he says or does-
He will be judged for it
Not we-
We are only judged for our sins-
Hopefully he is the only one francis-
TRUTH is in the minority these days. Mercy without truth is neither truthful or merciful. Truth with Love. Not blind misguided "mercy"
Let the Holy Spirit work, pray, fast and do works of Mercy and let God do His work. Saint Catherine did not corrupt and use social media to bring down the church. Do not be holier than God!
Write to your Bishop but do not scandalize the little ones Jesus did not only refer to children. Read the gospels and meditate them. God have mercy on you!
Don Reto Nay
They say, once you become a bishop you will not miss a hot meal anymore and you wan't hear the truths again. It may be wrong to "criticise" the Pope, but is it wrong to tell him the truth?