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Francis Sets A New Negative Record

At the general audience on January 31, Pope Francis scored the lowest-ever attendance at a Wednesday audience. Dominican Father Lawrence Lew from London was present and wrote on Twitter (February 2) that he “was struck by the low numbers”.

John Paul II had an average attendance of 32,000 people and Benedict XVI of 33,000. From January 2015 to December 2017 Francis averaged only 9,041. Vatican News edited the footage of the last audience showing only the first block of those present.

It seems that Francis (and his suite) has to learn it the hard way that his paleo-liberal ideology is a disaster for the Church, and for him as well.

All CINOs / CATHOLIC IN NAME ONLY have to be drained. Plenty good Catholic bishops are available: Cardinal Sarah, Bishop Schneider to name 2 only.
"It seems that Francis (and his suite) has to learn it the hard way" thinks it's way too late in the game for that.....he's already collected his 30 pieces of silver, and now he has to 'deliver'.
Lord, in Your mercy, send us a conclave!
But Cardinals and bishops are very quiet they dont want to rock the boat ,
Jim Dorchak
OH he knows alright! He is right on schedule for what he has planned all along.
francis is all to prepaired to go ( not learn) the hard way. he know quite well what he s doing and will hold his course till this ship runs aground. he in know way is willing to learn the hard way but only reaching his freemanson goal of the destruction of the catholic church. This is not an idiot who needs schooling. He know the way will be hard but this will not be a deterrent. he will … More