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Cardinal Burke Responds - Francis Has a Problem

Cardinal Raymond Burke has commented on Pope Francis’ claim that he heard about the Dubia “from the newspaper”.

“The late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra personally delivered the letter containing the Dubia to the Papal Residence, and at the same time to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on September 19, 2016, as he also delivered subsequent correspondence of the four Cardinals regarding the Dubia”, Burke told (June 21).

He added, “During the entire time since the presentation of the Dubia, there has never been a question about the fact that they were presented to the Holy Father, according to the practice of the Church and with full respect for his office.”

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How to make sure Pope Francis “doesn’t receive” a vital document: hand-deliver it to him.
Sunamis 46
Just read the news from last year again-
And how f1 friends where going against cardinal burke and the other cardinals.

Cardinal pell was out of work in june, so müller last year lost his job-
Surprise that cardinal meissner died in july-
And cardinal caffara in septemper last year-
No more uncomfortable people around in rome for f1
Lets pray for b16
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Am, what about filial- Correction? I suppose Jorge read that from the newspaper as well.. Seriously, enough is enough and we have had more than enough!…
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Cardinal Raymond Bourke, the star of truth that shines brightly in the darkest night, the darkest night which is filled with lies emanating from Jorge Bergolio.
Dubia? I don't see Dubia.
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God bless you Cardinal Burke
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Cardinal Muller needs to tell us what he knows. Was he or was he not ordered not to respond to the dubia by Pope Francis? He has a duty to set the record straight.
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OK Cardinal it time YET for the 'Formal Correction'??? Let's DO THIS before the Church implodes completely from the inside!!!!
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Newspaper or no newspaper (it wasn't via newspaper, clearly) he knows. So what is his official response? Shall we keep watch in the newspapers? Perhaps he would like to emulate Trump and tweet a response?
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Such godlessness everywhere.. today’s LifeSiteNews reports: ‘Cardinal Theadore McCarrick removed after ‘credible’ allegations he abused a minor. Finally!! The truth surfaces! 👍🏼
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