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Paul VI Was Pope of "Renewal” - Cardinal Sarah

Cardinal Robert Sarah has called Paul VI a pope of the "renewal of the Church” although his pontificate was the beginning of the Church's biggest and still ongoing downfall in history with homosexual abuses skyrocketing.

Sarah told (October 13) that Paul VI was a “figure of a true Father" [whereas he named a cohort of bishops who were raging in the Church worse than hyenas].

Paul VI further abolished the liturgy as the Church had know it for 1900 years replacing it with a New Rite (1970) that immediately emptied the pews and seminaries in Western Europe and North America and then in the rest of the world.

During Sarah's "renewal" Paul VI laicised ten thousands of priests and furiously persecuted the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X who was able to gather the sheep shattered during the conciliar folly over which Paul VI was presiding.

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What has happened to Cdl. Sarah?! Pope Paul V1 rivals Francis in his destruction of the Church!
Papessa Paula Carlini was responsible for so much harm. 100 years of Bergoglio wouldn't match it.
Let's - once for all - forget "renewed" priests and look for good old orthodox [don't confuse with eastern schismatic!] ones.
Maybe the modernist Sarah can read the statement by Montinni about the smoke of Satan in the post conciliar church.
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alex j
I considered Cardinal Sarah a leading light in a curia filled with lapdogs to Francis. His statement above would suggest I lack discernment. From my perspective as a lay person who was a young man at the time of Paul's reign as Pope, I witnessed a pope, not unlike Francis in terms of both being man centered. Pope Paul's speech to the U.N. failed to mention Our Lord's Name once. As for this Pope … More
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Dear All,
this news cannot be confirmed by the Vatican News website - recent articles about Sarah do not include the above topic:

It is a pity that the majority of GTV articles do not include the link of the source from where the article is originated.
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Great renewal! The Church leaders have apostacized , the latity have left and we have a communist pope. I can't wait to see what comes next.
Real traditionalists (Catholics) were all removed from the church. Sara, Burke, and the like are not traditionalist. They are Vat II conservatives. Remember, Vat II gives you options of being a conservative or a liberal. Not a Catholic.
"If anyone holds to a single heresy, he is not a Catholic"
St. Augustine
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@PaulNY @Radulf they are all as bad as each other. What’s this guy going to say? He’s a company man, owes his bed and breakfast to the organisation. The quiet ones so far like Sarah and Ranjith (supposedly patrons of the Traditional Mass - but there’s NOT A SINGLE Tridentine mass in Sri Lanka where Ranjith is Primate) are supposedly keeping their powder dry. Little do they know that Franky … More
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Very disheartening hearing this from Cardinal Sarah. What is it about this Smoke of Satan that is preventing even those prelates who are friendly toward Tradition from connecting the dots?
Pope of the Renewal or Anti-Pope of the Demolition?

For instance: he changed the words of consecration in the NOM which makes it invalid:

Mysterium Fidei: 'The Salmanticenses' Response To De Lugo On The Form Of Consecration Of The Wine
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How can we hope for a change for the better if even a good cardinal like cardinal Sarah says things like this?

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