Bishop: Only God Knows, Whether Francis Is An Antipope

Only God knows whether or not Francis is an antipope, writes retired Bishop René Gracida, 94, of Corpus Christi, Texas. In two posts (September 5 and 29) on his blog “” he expresses doubts whether Francis' election was "valid and licit”.

According to Gracida the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis excommunicates any cardinal who participates in a conspiracy for the election of a new pope, “There is no doubt that Francis was party to a conspiracy to get him elected.” For Gracida an excommunicated cardinal cannot elect a pope.

Further Gracida questions the validity of the resignation of Benedict XVI. For him “there is some evidence that Benedict was forced to resign”. In this case the resignation would be “invalid and he is still the Pope”.

Picture: Ioannes Paulus II, René Gracida, #newsLrnukfuzac
if Bergoglio speak like a heretic, think like a heretic, act like heretic he is a heretic!
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If you walk like a duck ,behave like a duck ,you are probably a duck ,at the same time ,i think he is sorrounded by people that is pushing an agenda contrary to the church and other previous Popes ,i think a miracle is needed to clean the mess in the vatican
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