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Italian Bishops Want to Overturn Summorum Pontificum

Italian bishops suggested during their ongoing autumn meeting abolishing the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, reports (November 16).

Gorizia Archbishop Carlo Radaelli, 62, said that Benedict XVI was "wrong" when he writes in Summorum Pontificum that the Old Mass has never been abrogated. Instead Radaelli claimed that the Roman Mass was abolished by Paul VI. Accordingly Benedict's Motu Proprio would be null and void.

Several prelates supported Radaelli's claims, among them modernist Father Luigi Girardi who runs the Roman Institute of pastoral liturgy, Novara Bishop Franco Brambilla, 69, and an unnamed Bishop from southern Italy.

Radaelli and Brambilla were both appointed by Benedict XVI.

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Doesn't matter a bit. Even if the man called Pope Francis made it illegal, there would still be - as there have always been - priests who say Mass using the only true Roman Rite. This false church can do whatever it wishes. Has no bearing on the life and actions of the true Church.
Sort of like Canterbury forbidding it. So what?
I think it's laughable. These silly old queens have been trying to bury the real Mass for a half century. Hasn't quite worked out. Let them flail about in their desperate hissy fit, trying to preserve their sickening revolution which was doomed from the start. If they had one iota of faith, they would know have known that.
The old idea of liberality was that it was a good thing that all the creeds should dispute freely; the new idea of liberality is that there should be no creeds to Dispute.
Burying Benedict
Prayers for the Italian bishops who are suffering grievously from their impatience at Summorum Pontificum. I can't even imagine what they must be going through.
Le Précurseur
who is father elijah Flease, i am French
Italy has some appalling bishops, some of the worst, often homos. Witness all the Cramner tables put up in ancient Roman churches during Francis the faggot's time.

Also they are wrong. An eminent body of Cardinals reviewed the matter for years, and nothing Paul issued suppressed the Mass of Ages. The boomer Mass will die away. Something made up by a committee in the '60s cannot compare to … More
The Italian bishops did NOT change the Eucharistic prayer from "for all" to "for many" in the Missal.
The next conclave will be in the catacombs. Read "Father Elijah".