Following atheist trend, Britons seek 'de-baptism'

Voluntary 'De-Baptism' Rising in Europe Churches in France and elsewhere in Europe have been battling falling numbers, a trend evident not only in the empty pews, but in the sharp fall in baptisms. But "de-baptisms", a church's deletion of one's …
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Lol, you can't be "de-baptized"! Thats like being de-born. These people really don't understand what baptism is. Baptism wipes away original sin. Original sin is the sin that Adam & Even committed when they ate the fruit from the Tree of knowledge of Good & Evil. For them to be "de-baptized" wouldn't they have to eat from that tree again! Lol! These people have NO idea about what baptism is.
Damascus Route
It goes without saying that child abuse within the Church is a most serious issue and should be dealt with without any compromise and with stealth.
As for Anne Morelli's claims which are probably correct to a certain extent, there is a very different reason for 'these de-baptisms'. Morelli as such is known a an outright atheist who has a very extreme dislike towards Christianity as a whole. On top of this, the Free-University of Brussels to which she belongs is a free-masons' beehive.
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One thing becomes clear when I watch this video. Atheists have conviction. They are not worried about what others think. Why can't Catholics have the same conviction and zeal? Let's stand up have some backbone and not apologize for our Catholic Faith. Tackle the misconceptions people have about Catholicism: ie, indulgences, Crusades, Inquisition, the real precense, the priesthood. Challenge priests on homilies that are not in line with traditional Catholicism. If we would stand up for our Lord without compromise our Church would not be in the crisis it is today.
Holy Cannoli
This article and video demonstrate the extreme cases of unbelief. These individuals are the polar opposites of our Christian saints.

Although interesting, the story does not represent the 10s of millions of former Christians worldwide who, because of a specific or generalized disenchantment with organized religion, have become 'benign' apostates. These millions will not go to the extreme and seek to be “debabptized” but they will not practice their faith either or, if they do, they will … [More]
The accompanying video is sad. Those atheists who try to claim reason as their exclusive province are guilty of the height of arrogance. What amazes me is this idea that one has the right to say what one wants to. One has the right to free speech once one is seeking to contribute to the pursuit of truth and entering into a genuine dialogue with others in the process. "Saying what I like' is a perversion of that right. The right to free speech not only carries with it the duty to seek the truth … [More]