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Situation in Church “Very Alarming” – Cardinal Burke

“We cannot allow the Church to go in a false direction”, said Cardinal Raymond Burke to the Polish weekly Sieci (June 6).

Burke called the situation in the Church “very alarming, first of all, because the fundamental truths of faith are undermined, put into question.”

Burke criticised that “there is no strong leadership from Rome”.

As a matter of fact there is a "strong leadership in Rome", even a dictatorship, but it leads in a wrong direction.

Picture: Raymond Burke, © John Briody, CC BY-ND, #newsCbmopvivys
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David P Lane
Eminence, in truth there is no strong leadership from you as long as you and your colleagues dither and do nothing to issue your promised correction of Francis the Terrible.
What he meant was there is no strong orthodox leadership in Rome and he is correct. And that includes him. Bergoglio is a modernist par excellence and a destroyer. Where is the resistance? Where is the opposition? Cardinal Burke himself issued the dubia regarding AL over one year and eight months ago, promising a formal correction if he received no response. The dubia has been ignored. Where is … More
Dr Bobus
Pope Francis, under the influence of the likes of Cardinal Wuerl, relieved Cardinal Burke of his position in the Curia. Consequently, Cardinal Burke has been free to travel, speaking on the incompetence of the Bergoglio papacy. In an attempt to decrease the Burke influence, the pope has in fact increased it. Felix culpa
I'm glad you added the last sentence, because the lack of strong leadership is with the resistance to this Pope, not in Rome.
Holy Cannoli
Situation in Church “Very Alarming” – Cardinal Burke

Actually, the situation is much much worse Cardinal Burke.
It’s important to realize that the decay has been going on for much longer than the pontificate of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. I personally believe he is one of the many symptoms of a Church in crisis and not the primary cause.

Although the following article was printed in 2002, the numbe… More
There was a time your excellency for throwing pebbles away while the water's were starting to become bitter, now that bitterness is water is the time for action cardinal Burke, unfortunately they have all the structures and the media beside them, but we have our faith so let's begin to filter the bitterness, let's go!
It will be more alarming if Cardinal Burke and others will hide truth. Bishop Says It Again: Francis Is An Antipope Is Bp. Gracida the only admirer of truth?