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Homosexualists Create Teaching Material for Catholic Bishops

„Catholic Education Service“ which is sponsored by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, promotes a 37-page document called „Made in God’s Image“ on alleged „homophobic bullying“ in Catholic Schools.

The document wants pupils to learn to change their „homophobic“ attitude and language. Mark Lambert shows on „“ that much of the document is created by two anti-catholic gay-groups, „Stonewall“ and „lgbtScotland“.

Picture: Teaching material in „Made in God’s Image“, #newsMtuginfzvq
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heterosexual- true, also called, "straight," but also known in 96-98% of the human population, and that's the estimate of a Gallup poll.
GJA Taylor
With the English Card. in post , who wonders?? Ha ha ha.
GJA Taylor
What a waste of space these "educationalists" really are. They must think we are all zipped up at the back!
From the top down, the homosexuals rule todays Church. Woe to them all when Christ decides to clean house!
The scandal is even bigger. Follow the money:
i have another one for bishops ,>what about heterosexual , man and a woman God created them to be together and to be part of His natural plan and when it was done He said it was good ..Anything else its not from God