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Benedict XVI Wanted Bergoglio to Be Pope

When the Cardinals lined up in front of Benedict XVI after he had announced his resignation and it was the turn of Cardinal Bergoglio, Benedict said to him, “You have to obey me. If you will be elected, you must accept.”

This is what Maria Elena Bergoglio, the sister of Pope Francis, said in an interview published in the book “L’altro Francesco” [The Other Francis] by Deborah Castellano Lubov.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC, #newsNszkcyrrir
Sunamis 46
I am sorry for the comment below
I wanted to write
I hope there a few Argentinians that do not mix stuff up
Sunamis 46
I think Cardinal Meißner told that to b16
Before he b16 got elected-

She mixed something up-
It must be a custom in Argentina to mix stuff up- i Hope there a still a gewesen Argentiniens that so mit mix up stufig
Right! Anyone who believes this ridiculous story believes that pigs can fly too!
I don't believe her at all!!! I wish the Bergolio family would quietly shut up and go away never to be heard from again!
Sunamis 46
The chemicals in the air make people think false things
BullS--T must run in the Bergolio family.
Catholics should do their homework by reading Antonio Socci's book disputing the validity of Francis' election "Non è Francesco." There he cites Nicolas Diat from L'homme qui ne voulait pas etre pape", Albin Michel 2014, p. 410. A close Cardinal to Cardinal Scola from Mediolan said that "Pope Benedict XVI sincerely form his heart thought that Cardinal from Milan will be elected." Majority of … More
Sunamis 46
B16 is still Haunted from evil
I do not believe her
She is trying to support her brother f1,
Because of the Dubai people have now about his teaching
F1 is destroying the. Church
It is shame to use b16 to justify what f1 does wrong
Jim Dorchak
I live in Chile! I do not believe Argentinians as a general rule. It looks like this rule applies here.
if thats true he should say so ,
Very "reliable" source of information. When will the remaining Catholics grow up and stop gossiping? In reality since 2013 until now Francis is pure contradiction not only to Benedict's pontificate but also to Tradition. If Maria Elena would say that she had revelation in which angels came from Heaven and told her that Francis is the most sweet and saintly pope then would also believe … More
The Babylonian captivity...We sit by the shore and weep.
Sounds like a plan was hatched and carried through. We are now reaping the bitter, bitter fruits.