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BREAKING Dutch Catholics Revolt: Bishops Asked To Admonish Francis

On April 9, prominent Dutch Catholics issued a petition to their bishops against the “destructive polities” of Pope Francis, reports Radio Maria Nederland.

Intellectuals and priests have signed the petition, among them the famous psychiatrist Gerard Aardweg and retired Professor Wilhelmus Witteman of the Technical University of Twente.

The petition lists Francis’ major scandals, among them Amoris Laetitia, his support for the pro-death politicians Emma Bonino and Lilianne Ploumen, his initiatives in favour of female deacons, married priests and contraception, his praise for Martin Luther, his attitude towards Islam and his negotiations with the Chinese Communists.

The petition asks the Dutch bishops to warn Francis in this "moment of confusion and uncertainty" not to commit “serious errors” against the Faith.

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Ivan Tomas
And here is a YT backup version of this recording (in Dutch):
„2018-04-19 Petitie Bisschoppen NL (Aan Tafel Met)“
Ivan Tomas
5 days later, on April 13. 2018. the neo-conservative directorate of Radio Maria NL removed this very important audiotrack – interview with the initiators and signers of the PETITION to all NL BISHOPS !!

Here is audio backup of this recording (in Dutch):
„2018-04-19 Petitie Bisschoppen NL (Aan Tafel Met)“…/view

Please use THIS recording (aprox. 100MB MP3 file) and keep sharin… More
Joseph a' Christian
The Dutch are not in revolt, they are shinning light on a cockroach who is spreading disease and death.
Jesus Is True Freedom
@alexamarie -- Perhaps he did not directly say that, but he ALLOWED that story to be out there for a ridiculous amount of time and never strongly denied HIMSELF that hell does not exist. That is an extremely serious offense.
Dima it is the duty of every Catholic to express any concerns they have about anyone or thing in the church.
Why not? They're doing such a good job of keeping the Netherlands Christian.
Jim Dorchak
Maybe the tide is turning? It is surprising to see the Dutch so vocal about this since they are in the throws of being lost for sure. It just goes to show you that even in the worst places for the Catholic Church that there are still faithful CATHOLICS.