Medjugorje Bans Communion In The Hand

Archbishop Henryk Hoser, 76, the Pontifical Delegate for the shrine of Medjugorje, Bosnia, has forbidden Communion in the hand, writes the known Italian journalist David Murgia on his blog (July 8).

Murgia recounts that the priest responsible for the Italian pilgrims told the faithful during the official 8 July Italian afternoon mass: "By the disposition of the pontifical delegate, of today it will only be possible to receive communion in the mouth. And no longer on the hands."

According to Murgia, the news was confirmed by other sources. The measure was taken to prevent the theft of consecrated hosts which are sold for up to 500 euros, he writes.

Murgia conducts a weekly show on the Italian Bishops' TV2000.

Picture: Henryk Hoser, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVghkxtmtlb
How about banning Mejugorje!
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Cardinal Bernardin would not be happy.…/vortex-bernardi… I`m told he worked very hard to bring that Horrible practice to the states.
No Communion in the hand!
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Is not communion in the hand by indult and not by right?
Correct. And almost every diocese has requested and acquired the indult. I presume Medjugorje as well.
This diocese of Medjugorje never requested this indult.
Then that alone would be a message from God for the church.
What is the canonical base for this decision to be valid?

Suppose someone pops up in this church there and demands communion in the hand, then what?
I presume this is the same as denying communion on the tongue.
Or deny communion when kneeling.
Or deny intinction.

Deny a right = Execution of evil power.
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