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Schönborn Belies that Francis Is "God-Sent" For Him

Pope Francis is a God-sent gift from God “for me and I think for many”, pro-gay Vienna Cardinal Schönborn said to the anti-Catholic state television ORF (March 18).

Schönborn acknowledged that Franics is more valued “outside” of the Church while “certain circles in the Church” [i.e. the Catholics] are worried that Francis is - what Schönborn called - “too open”.

Most of the interview is fluffy verbiage. Schönborn has a history of enthusiastically praising whatever pope is in power.

Picture: Christoph Schönborn © Mazur,, CC BY-SA, #newsJqdssuhjvn
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Gesù è con noi mentioned this post in The pro-gay apostate Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is in full communion with Bergoglio and was ….
Like the aside- ie Catholics!!
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