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The Pope is mocked for this. In social media they ask, if the cross is "Star Trek inspired", "I bet William Shattner would be jealous"
Protestants have crosses; Catholics have crucifixes.
He had a scowl and never knelt on the plush kneeler provided for him. This Evil Clown is a joke. I guess we should all look to becoming Super Squirrels.
@Roberto 55 it is a big razor...and with a long enough stick....
Atrocious! This pope gets worse by the day.
If i become a budhist ill stand a chance of getting reincarnated as super squirrel....i think you should trade mark this....SQ...
Roberto 55
It looks like big razor...
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@Dr Stuart Reiss better for you to be Super Squirrel than Buddhist.
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@Jungerheld perhaps he's turning into super squirrel? I can't bother with this nonsense. We had a fabulous Corpus Christi procession at my church the London Oratory. I'll go there until it gets shut down for being Catholic. Then I'll become a Buddhist.
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Again, I will ask, "Faith in what?"
In this particular photo, Francis' face looks thinner than other photos.
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