Poor Taste

For the celebration of Corpus Christi at Saint John in Lateran, Pope Francis showed up on Sunday evening with this steel crosier. It was given to him by the workers of the steel company Ilva in …
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The Pope is mocked for this. In social media they ask, if the cross is "Star Trek inspired", "I bet William Shattner would be jealous"
Protestants have crosses; Catholics have crucifixes.
He had a scowl and never knelt on the plush kneeler provided for him. This Evil Clown is a joke. I guess we should all look to becoming Super Squirrels.
@Roberto 55 it is a big razor...and with a long enough stick....
Atrocious! This pope gets worse by the day.
If i become a budhist ill stand a chance of getting reincarnated as super squirrel....i think you should trade mark this....SQ...
Roberto 55
It looks like big razor...
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@Dr Stuart Reiss better for you to be Super Squirrel than Buddhist.
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@Jungerheld perhaps he's turning into super squirrel? I can't bother with this nonsense. We had a fabulous Corpus Christi procession at my church the London Oratory. I'll go there until it gets shut down for being Catholic. Then I'll become a Buddhist.
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Again, I will ask, "Faith in what?"
In this particular photo, Francis' face looks thinner than other photos.
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