More Fool I

More Fool I

On the one hand, the USCCB is attacking Obama for forcing them (the bishops) to pay for contraception.

On the other hand, the USCCB is pushing forward the idea that taxpayers should pay to extend unemployment insurance (again).

And that's just the beginning of the rich irony.

You see, almost NONE of the parishes in the United States pay unemployment insurance. They get dispensed from the mandate to do so because they are religious organizations.

So, if you are employed by a Catholic parish and you get laid off, so long, sucker.

You can't collect unemployment because your bishop hasn't paid into unemployment for you.

When the bishops started complaining about the HHS mandate, I thought they were, perhaps, finally waking up to economic and moral realities.

At the risk of being absolutely gauche, might I point out that if the bishops REALLY wanted unemployment benefits applied, they might try paying into the system themselves?

...The Church used to boast of saintly bishops who gave up every vestige of personal wealth and offered all of the money to the poor as an example to others. When was the last time that happened?

I want to have rich, opulent churches to worship in - God is Beauty, after all.
But I kind of wonder about million-dollar mansions for the bishops.

There are roughly 300,000 individual Protestant congregations in the United States.
There are 195 Catholic dioceses and roughly 19000 parishes.
There were roughly 45,000,000 poor people in the United States in 2010.

If each Christian congregation adopted 140 people (at four people per family, that's roughly 35 families) and cared for just those 35 families, that would end poverty in America.

The Amish help each other.
The USCCB goes rent-seeking.
Any questions?

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Can anyone tell me WHY they are wearing a clown outfit!?

What a horrible way to mock the Holy Mass!
holyrope 3
One could save their money on tickets to BArnum & Bailey or any circus, when they can be entertained like this.
The picture above!

The hypocrisy of the USCCB burns me. As a working man, before my retirement, I was layed off several times, once for six years. Now I find out that the Bishops who whine so piously about the poor, don't or don't want to help employees that they lay off from jobs they do for the church.

The church, wheather these fools realize it or not, will be held to a higher standard of morality by God and the world in its treatment of the poor, especially its own poor! The USCCB have better …