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Neocon George Weigel: German Bishops Not Catholic Anymore

The Vatican should stop relating to dying European local churches as if they weren’t dying, George Weigel said.

Writing on (February 28), the biographer of John Paul II, calls for instance Germany a “mission territory” suggesting that the German Church should be put under ecclesiastical trusteeship and the failing German bishops should be replaced by more competent candidates from around the world.

He reminds that senior German churchmen have made it clear that they believe something different from what is contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Weigel is a friend of the gay-obsessed Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna who leads another dying archdiocese. In April 2017, Weigel visited Austria and even lectured at a conference opened by Schönborn.

Picture: George Weigel, © michael_swan, CC BY-ND, #newsKdlgiiprll
@Dr Stuart Reiss
J'ai chanté plusieurs fois tout Montfort :
Comme tu le dis, il donne du réconfort.
@Dr Stuart Reiss
Mon épée est le Rosaire,
Mon bouclier, le Scapulaire :
En tant que fils de la Vendée,
Au Sacré-Cœur je suis dévoué.
Mais avec le Cœur de Marie
Il nous faut combattre aujourd'hui,
Car avec elle nous vaincrons
Le fils aîné du démon.
@Dr Stuart Reiss
Merci mon vieux frère anglais :
Tu comprends bien le français !
Weigel n'est pas plus malin,
N'y comprenant plus rien de rien !
Il faut dire que là-dedans,
Hors ou dans le Vatican,
Tout le monde est déboussolé !
Mais où faut-il remonter ?
À Vatican II, s'il vous plaît :
Là se trouve le navet !
@Dr Stuart Reiss .You are a provocative person ! please dont comment ,on my comments .I would like to be in peace with my fellow man
@Dr Stuart Reiss, iam so sorry but not too many people are as smart as you . you are a genius
Sunamis 46
They just care about to stay in buisness
Sunamis 46
The german bishop think just a few more years until i get my retiremend money
@Jim Dorchak i dont even know who George Weigel is, i have never heard of him before i was just comenting on this news that" the german Bishops are not catholic anymore "and i said he is intitled to his opinion
The German bishops have the duty to stand up and demonstrate against abortion and homo marriage in Germany. Why don't they do it?
They´re in the money, but they do nothing against the excessive taxes and prices, and nothing against the disastrous labour- and housing policy in Germany.
Jim Dorchak
@aderito Yes he is allowed his opinion but we do not have to listen to it. To be frank I would rather listen to the Baltimore Catechizim or Holy Bible or read the daily Office than hear George Weigel tell me what to think. It seems to me his type of thinking got us in this trouble. And that is my opinion.
@aderito Doesn't my statement correspond to the facts?
@Dr Stuart Reiss Sorry, I don´t know who is JOSEPHINE...
@Dr Stuart Reiss You should read Josefine`s coment ,and dont think you are always right that is not christian
Bergoglio does not profess the Catholic faith either
Ivan Tomas
But to whom is this mr Bean talking to?
"...German Church should be put under ecclesiastical trusteeship..."
Which trusteeship?! That of Bergoglio!?! That's already done!
Wake up Weigel! Wake up!
A "Catholic theologian"...?
>>>George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, is a Catholic theologian and one of America's leading public intellectuals...
Weigel has been awarded ten honorary doctorates, the papal cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, and the Gloria Artis Gold Medal by the Republic of Poland. He serves on the boards of directors of several …
He and the Vatican are also to blame, because they work together with the politicians. People have been burdened and impoverished for years. It is more likely that they're a confederated network of NGOs and NWO globalists.
Over 300,000 poverty-hit German homes have power cut off each year…
Almost 2 Million Children In Germany Living In Poverty
www.thelo… More
Even if he isn,t catholic he is allowed to have his opinion
Jim Dorchak
Wait a min is George Weigel Catholic? Just asking.