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Falsity to the End: Bishop Embraces Pseudo-Married Gay Priest

Bishop Giuseppe Zenti of Verona, Italy, spoke after the Rosary on July 5 in the parish of Selva di Progno whose priest Giuliano Costalunga ran off in order to pseudo-marry a Spanish man. Costalunga was present in the church.

Bishop Zenti pointed out that Costalunga was an unfaithful priest who absented himself often for long periods of time without letting anybody know where he was. Only when the bishop cut off his stipend, he announced his intention to enter a gay pseudo-marriage.

The bishop also told the faithful that Costalunga lied when confronted with rumours that a certain Pablo who lived with him in the presbytery, was his lover and threatened the bishop with a civil lawsuit for “diffamation”.

The bishop went on claiming that “I have no right to judge” [but why then does Pope Francis judge all the time?]. However, Zenti defended marriage and clarified that a gay pseudo-marriage is not according to the will of God.

But he destroyed everything he said, when at the end of his homily, he addressed Costalunga with the words, “Go your way, freely.”

After the service, surrounded by journalists and TV cameras, Bischof Zenti embraced his deceitful ex-priest.

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Where are the parishioners? So they sue this sodomite Giuliano Costalunga for fraud!!!
The great march of mental destruction will go on. Everything will be denied. Everything will become a creed...Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.
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The PRO Sodomite Giuseppe Zenti accomplice of the homosexual Costalunga is an apostate. He is also involved in a fraudulent canonization of the pedophile bishop of Verona Giuseppe Carraro who sexually abused the poor deaf Catholic children of Verona…/la-historia-del……/bergoglio-decla…
The bishop says to the gay man, "Go your way freely" . You give him your support on his road to hell. You risk meeting him there because of this.
He forgot to finish off the sentence.... “Go your way, freely, to hell"
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A collective noun for Bergoglians might be a gaybar of Bergoglians. Sodomy and theft for sodomites seems standard with this lewd Argentine and his favourites.