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Pro-Gay Vienna Archdiocese Presents the Resurrection as Topless Woman and a Lesbian Kiss (Video)

An ongoing photo exhibition in the presbytery of Vienna Cathedral shows an x-rated photo of a topless model holding a cloth in front of her undraped abdomen.

The pornography is accessible for children. Its name: "Pietà, the first light in the rock tomb: a human being!". A caption reads, "Explosive images are needed in order to communicate the unprecedented message of the resurrection."

The presbytery is a big historical building in the immediate proximity of the Cathedral. It includes a chapel, a library, banquet halls, offices for Catholic organisations and several flats for priests.

A second x-rated item of the exhibition is called "Occident meets the Orient - Guardian Angel kisses sphinx". It shows homosexual fornication between to female models.

The photo was awarded by the diocese of Graz, Austria, and displayed for more than a month in front of Graz Cathedral.


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Joseph a' Christian
@CarolineA03 - Almighty God bless you Caroline! Your main point is essential, extremely important that these false bishops be identified as enemies.
Because satanists must be distinguished from a bishop who drinks too much alcohol, or has some other fault, or is in error of a specific Church Law. We can obviously pray for a bishop who makes an error.
Yet malicious, rebellious creatures such as … More
To refer to filthy perverts who are clearly Satanists as Christ's "Cardinals"when such clear evidence is available that they are immoral, base, lecherous wretches, is a moral offense against Christ and a sin against the Honour due to His Church. (It is also a sin against the Holy Spirit which is the only sin that cannot be pardonned) We can not serve Christ and the Devil. These damned souls will … More
Vienna will be destroyed by an invading Russian army, look out the time in night!
Lisi Sterndorfer
Does the resopnsible Vienna Cardinal Schönborn look like a man [or eventually like a fool] to you. Up-to-date Pictures from the Youth Synod - by Mazur.
Don Reto Nay
Let's face it, in our days, being a "modern Catholic" is synonymous with being a public pervert.
Why not? It is not as if the modernists have the Faith and spiritual life. They have fallen and have no intention of rising up and being freed from slavery to Satan. They are spiritually blind and see no problem with this depravity.
@alexamarie - you ask 'WHY?' The reason is because the Popes, the bishops and a lot of the laity have failed to heed Our Lady of Fatima's full message
Joseph a' Christian
The homosexual priests are now blatant in their promotion of evil. They claimed early on, in their unnatural movement, that queers yearned for love, like all other people.
However, this propaganda photograph promotes lust and death. The lesbians in this satanic statement are in funeral black clothes. The kreature on the left is wearing her undergarments in public, same as a prostitute. They are … More
sad times. WHY? WHY?