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Polish Catholics Stop Gay Militants In Częstochowa

About 500 gay militants staged on Sunday a gay provocation in Częstochowa, Poland, where the Polish national shrine is located.

On the same day, 100,000 Catholics, gathered by the Radio Maryja, including the Polish Prime Minister, hat come to Częstochowa for a pilgrimage.

The goal of the gay provocation to disrupted this pilgrimage failed. Pilgrims blocked the militants from approaching the shrine, holding a banner “Homosexuality today, pedophila tomorrow”.

The police redirected the gay militants to the municipal art gallery.

The Polish minister of Interior, Joachim Brudziński, condemned the gay militants for their “obvious cultural and religious provocation” aimed against pilgrims.


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Nobody can comment, sorry, I did not know how and where to post this. If I must delete, I will. I honestly am very concerned for the children...
Help! I just found out two Catholic High schools , boys only and girls only have Liberal teachers and they have Lesbian clubs in the School!!!!!! They encourage it!! The kids were normal going in and not coming out of school. What can we do to stop this?! It is starting from the Top down... I cannot believe this is happening in Catholic schools and nobody says anything?! My child does not attend … More
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People sentenced to death for helping Jews: France - 0 Italy - 0 Belgium - 0 Norway - 0 Denmark - 1 Poland - 30.000-50.000

Members & volunteers in Waffen SS: Netherlands - 50000 Belgium - 40000 France - 20000 Italy - 15000 Denmark - 6000 Poland - 0
Lesbians on average earn $47,026, compared to $39,902 for heterosexual women. Gay men on average earn $59,618, compared to $57,032 for straight men. Both lesbians and gay men enjoy an earnings premium of roughly 9 to 10%.
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