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The Doors for Gaystapo Have Been Opened in Australia

The Diocese of Parramatta said in a statement that it “respects” the result of a same-sex marriage postal survey wanting the legalization of gay pseudo-marriage in Australia. The survey is non-binding on the government.

The statement adds that “the focus is now on our parliament to ensure that the proper freedoms are legislated to guarantee that the many people who remain in favour of the traditional definition of marriage are free to speak, teach and act on this belief.”

Experience in other parts of the world show that such guarantees will not be given.

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Don’t just love the everything thing is fine crowd...? All the whiles the house is engulfed in flames and burning to the ground
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Australia is built on crime people who were sent there by British Empire.
Of course many others joint them later.
Australia, New Zealand and Canada
they are still under British Empire,
these countries were fulfilled
by hateful heretical godless protestant
and freemasonry ideology.
And this trend is continued...
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do people really reflect what they voted for ???