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Youth Synod: Cardinal Baldisseri Is Incompetent or a Liar

The acronym “LGBT” recurring in the upcoming Youth Synod’s working document “was taken from the pre-synodal document compiled by young people”, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the Synod, claimed at an October 1 Vatican press conference.

A journalist replied that this is not true. Baldisseri played clueless, “Is it not there?” But he refused to remove it.

Pope Francis claimed in a September 15 Apostolic Constitution that the Synod's final document will become "part of the Magisterium" if approved by him.

It is probable that this document is already written since Baldisseri already announced that it will be divided into three sections and drafted in only two days.

Picture: Lorenzo Baldisseri, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsStseqkhjrr
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Jim Dorchak
Nahhh he is just another worm.
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Dr Bobus
Incompetent or liar?

Perhaps the answer is D: both of the above
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These communist, always with their cunning... always lying and lying. I wonder: why would that be, because they are the favorite sons and daughters of satan, the father of lies, because, as Gilson said, communism is the biggest historic effort to put in place the antichrist's reign on earth? I'm sure that's the simple answer, the first cause of their deceitful and homicidal character.
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The Cardinal's priority is LGBT. He will not remove but defend what is important to him.
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