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Cardinal Schönborn: “Homosexuals Are Very Happy To Get Married“

Vienna Cardinal Schönborn, an ardent supporter of the gay cause, told the Austrian radio Ö1 (December 29) that he knows homosexuals "who are very happy that they can seal their partnership in the highest form that is marriage“.

Gay pseudo-marriage is not "the highest form" of a partnership but the highest form of sin. Austria will be introducing gay-pseudo-marriage in 2019.

Schönborn also invented an [alleged] gay longing for marriage, and interpreted into it an "esteem for the good of marriage".

He stressed that he has the "highest esteem" for anyone who values so much the fidelity in a [mortal sin] partnership.

Picture: Christoph Schönborn, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsSgttgrzbub
The toleration of sodomy is not laxity, its sin. The promotion of sodomites is not laxity, its sin. The protection of sodomites is not laxity, its sin. The ignoring of the cries of victims of sodomy is not laixity or clericalism, its sin
This is exactly why the church is in the current mess that it is in. Serpents like this, need to covert or be violently thrown out into the is a shame that such devils have made it into cardinal status. Heaven cries out vengeance and the heavy hand of justice will be placed upon the wolves in sheet clothing...
Of coarse , these creatures are happy to get all privileges of couples that produce and bring up children. Not "love" but financial benefit is the true glue of their "fidelity".
Christian Anderle
I still remember the 90's when the Church was opposed that the term "marriage" be used for "homosexual civil unions," i. e. temporal sodomitic or platonic unions between two men for the purpose to gain legal privileges that were originally designed to benefit married couples with children. A Cardinal should know that such partnerships are not comparable to a Christian marriage by any stretch … More
How many souls has the cardinal led to hell and continues to do so?
alex j
He may or may not end up in hell, but he sure likes having a "gay old time" whilst peddling his nonsense to who ever wants to listen here on earth.
Who am I to judge? It's getting 🔥 in hell.
Dr Bobus
Murderers are also happy that certain people are no longer in the way.
I suspect the Graf Von Schönborn has a personal interest in this topic.
About God is He happy ?
"The Creator of all things has established marriage as the beginning and basis of human society” (John Paul II)
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