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Tridentine Mass Doubles Attendance In Four Months

Sunday attendance at the Tridentine Masses in the church St Alphonsus in Baltimore, USA, has nearly doubled from 125 to 247 people in four months.

The Mass is celebrated by Father Joel Kiefer (48) of the Fraternity of St Peter, a former Army officer who served in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Katherine Waicukauski (13) told the Baltimore Sun (December 14) that young people see the Tridentine Mass “as cool”. And, “The priest doesn’t face us — he’s talking to God, not us, and that’s powerful.”

Picture: Joel Kiefer (North American Martyrs Parish, Seattle), #newsFeklatbofg
When the local bishop hears about this, they are in trouble. New Church will tolerate the traditional mass but when it grows quickly, they clamp down. Just wait and see.