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Cardinal Farrell Suggest That Second Vatican Council Was A Disaster

"Pastoral patterns and methods of the past seem to be no longer functional in the face of profound social changes", pro-gay Curia Cardinal Kevin Farrell told (August 13) speaking about the controversial Dublin World Meeting of Families ( (August 22-26).

Farrell is deeply involved in the homosexual scandal surrounding Cardinal Theodor McCarrick.

The pastoral methods he refers to, are those of Second Vatican Council which in many countries have led the Church into a deep pastoral and spiritual crisis which did not touch Catholic communities that repudiated these methods.

Farrell believes that that Franci’s controversial Amoris Laetitia which sanctions divorce, is the solution of the problems, although similar proposals among Protestants or German Catholics have carried on the distruction even further.

During the Dublin Meeting the gay propagandist Father James Martin will spread his immoral views.

Armagh Archbishop Eamon Martin further told the public that "homosexual couples" are welcome at the Dublin Meeting.

Picture: © Lothar Wolleh, CC BY-SA, #newsNzrtcsppii
Sounds more like he wants Vatican 3, just to make sure the Church is properly wrecked.
Read Christopher Ferrara's brilliant book on the Council:…/1621381498
Dr Bobus
Farrell is a careerist chameleon.
He is correct in saying that Vat II was a disaster. Vat II claimed to be Pastoral rather than an Ecumenical Council. This was the disaster as we can see from the non pastoral results: breakdown in religious life; abandonment of the priesthood; abandonment of the sacraments; heretical teaching in schools, universities and seminaries; episcopal wolves in the sheepfold. What more could you want?? I … More