Vatican Archbishop Makes Up His Own "Truth"

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, is angry at those who point out that Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia contradicts John Paul II's 1993 Veritatis splendor.

Talking to (August 6), Fisichella even claims that those critics allegedly have “no fidelity to the tradition of the Church”. But this is precisely true for Amoris Laetitia and its apologists.

He calls Francis' distortion of the Faith a “development of the doctrine”.

According to Fisichella, we must have a "dynamic concept" of the truth. This is commonly called relativism, a concept, that allows to say everything and the contrary of everything canceling the distinction between truth and lies.

Fisichella is deceitful enough not to preach his relativism in total openness. Therefore he makes up a new word, saying that the truth "is" not a "fixistic [Italian: fissista] dimension".

Those like Fisichella who use the "truth" as if it were changing like the weather are commonly called liars.

For Fisichella, the Church cannot accept a truth that is "closed in on itself”. However, by its very essence, truth is always related to reality, while Fisichella's theories produces a cobweb of pipe dreams which have no reality outside of Fisichella's mind.

Picture: Rino Fisichella, © Riccardo Rossi CC BY-SA, #newsSgvrjgdlwc
De Profundis
Fisichella illustrates the dilemma, it is either obedience to Francis or fidelity to the Catholic faith. I choose the Catholic faith for that alone gives salvation, whereas Francis does not.
Their new evangelization is for the devil.
Jesus teached the faithful Apostles perfectly well, how to evangelize.
People who hear The Holy Word and believe, are saved, and the people who do not believe are condemned. - Jesus
This is an example of conceited clericalism. "That's white. Why? Because I am telling you." My statement is all and your arguments are just empty bla-bla...
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De Profundis
Why the phrase "living tradition" is employed [meaning doing something entirely inconsistent with tradition] so often since Francis?