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German Bishop Claims “No Right" To Deny Access to the Eucharist” [As Long As One Pays Church Tax]

“We don’t have the right to allow or deny anybody access to the Eucharist”, Münster Bishop Felix Genn claims in a foreword for a diocesan guideline about pastoral care for marriage.

Nevertheless, the German bishops have declared that they consider everybody "excommunicated" - and therefore not allowed to receive Holy Communion - who refuses to pay the German church tax which finances the German bishops and dioceses.

Picture: Felix Genn, © J.-H. Janßen, Wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsKlktvrqcgv
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Dr Bobus
For the German bishops being in communion with the Church is a business relationship
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give cesar what.s cesar ,and give God what is God,s ,it is wrong what this Bishop said ,that is way the laety are loosing faith on these clergy
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They sell their sacraments, so even without their relentless heretical statements, they surely have to be avoided.
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