Birth Control Sex Is Like Vomiting in Ancient Rome

Birth control pills allow a total separation of “sex” from procreation, the Belgian physician Philippe Schepens pointed out. Talking at the Roman Humanae-Vitae Conference (October 28) he compared …
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“Birth control leads to two things: no births and no control.” —G. K. Chesterton
Jim Dorchak
Ahhh yes here is the perfect example of a problem for the Vatican. An intelligent layman.
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Anne T. Yes,what would Jesus do??many area of our faith-of our Life....that are in danger...also in the church now.. :- (
Anne T. Decades before there was no any problem to hide their today it is normal to speak and do the SIN openly in the Vatican and in the Church..So real good pastors who fight for LIFE-are opposed...and the wolfs are celebrated...
Anne T.
Abortion-birthcontrol activist groups were welcomed in the Vatican by pope Francis in 2015-16(?)summer,also the Vatican bought interests in these kind of companies. They have no any desire to repent. :- (((((
Unfortunately, this is probably false. The original meaning of a word vomitorium is something else entirely (it means ground level gates of amphitheatre).
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Perfect analogy! Thank you, Dr. Schepens. (A definite meme soon to follow.) The pro-aborts are obsessed with separating sex from procreation: the ultimate anti-woman, anti-family, anti-society objective.
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