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Benedict XVI Suffers From Dangerous Neuropathy - According to His Brother

A sickness impacting the nerves strains Benedict XVI very badly and makes him increasingly dependent on a wheelchair, his brother Georg Ratzinger, 94, told the German entertainment magazine Neue …
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Joseph a' Christian
@Klaus Gamber Can't you see your hypocrisy? You nastily insult a brother Catholic bekause you don't approve of his harsh words.
Jesus stated, this is how they will know you are my disciples, your love for one another.
Dr Bobus
He'll be 91 in April. At that age drinking a glass of water is dangerous.
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Klaus Gamber
@sunalos I reported him to Don Reto and his comment has been removed (which suggested Pope BXVI be chucked in a grave - how uncouth). I completely agree with you. @Josephmary is some troll sitting in a basement and not taken his prescribed anti psychotic medication and gone on a bender on gloria TV. there's quite a few nutters posting here, its not just him. It's a nut magnet when given a forum
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Josephmary your rhetoric is absolutely disgusting and has no place on this website. You smack of a paranoid protestant bent and you are obviously just trolling here at gloriatv. You are not Catholic.
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Klaus Gamber
@Josephmary you really need to control your base animalistic nature. and stop splattering this website with your filthy comments. it's unacceptable. I am reporting you to the moderator and ask you be barred from any further comments or ad hominem attacks